Otávio Augusto Bizetto Penatti



Here you find things that I have created so far.
  • Mercadão Unicamp - Site created with the objective of facilitating the selling and buying of products among students from Unicamp.

  • Image Converter - Converts images to HTML tables or to text. I have made this converter to learn and practice some PHP image functions.

  • Dots Game - team work for the Artificial Intelligence discipline during my undergraduate course at Unicamp - 2006

  • XSLT Tutorial - published in 2005, March 15 in Dicas-L website

  • XPath Tutorial - published in 2005, March 14 in Dicas-L website

  • Renaming Multiple Files - published in 2005, March 05 in Dicas-L website

  • Multiple searches in a given web site - published in 2004, December 08 in Dicas-L website